Gift Voucher

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Christmas Gift Vouchers copy.jpg

Gift Voucher

from 100.00

Know someone who would LOVE to attend one of our workshops and never got around to it? Now is the perfect time to give them that perfect gift! 

Purchasing this digital gift voucher creates a unique code. The gift voucher recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift voucher value from their order total. This way, they can book themselves into any of our future physical workshops whenever they see one that suits or purchase a cake from our Online Store Edible Canvas Series

This gift voucher is nonrefundable and never expires. Excludes online courses. 


Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How do I purchase a Gift Voucher?

Step 1: In the drop down menu, select the Gift Voucher amount then click Purchase.

Step 2: In the Gift Card Delivery box on the checkout page, select either Email to Recipient or Email to You. We recommend choosing the Email to You option so you can save a printable PDF as your voucher and personally send the email yourself or print the voucher. 

Email to Recipient

If you want to email the Gift Voucher to a recipient, you will enter this information to include in the email sent to the recipient:

·       Recipient name

·       Recipient email (required)

·       Message (80 character limit)

·       Sender name

Email to You

If you want to email the gift card to yourself as a printable .pdf, you’ll enter this information to include in the .pdf:

·       Recipient name

·       Message (80 character limit)

·       Sender name

Step 3: Complete Checkout.

Once the purchase is complete, the gift card will be delivered using the selected method.

·       Email to Recipient - The recipient will receive an email with the gift card message and code.

·       Email to You - The purchaser will receive an email with a printable .pdf of the gift card.

2. Can I buy a physical Gift Voucher?

No, this is a digital gift voucher only.

3. Can I edit the Gift Voucher email?

No, the Gift Voucher email isn’t customisable at this time.

4. How does the recipient redeem the Gift Voucher.

5. How does the recipient check their balance?

The recipient will receive an initial email with the gift card balance. After entering the gift card code at checkout, they'll see the remaining balance if there is any.

6. Does the Gift Voucher expire?


7. Can the Gift Voucher be used for Online Courses?

No. Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed on purchases of our physical workshops only.

8.Can I use less than the full value of my Gift Voucher?

When using a gift voucher, the full value of the gift voucher is always applied. It isn’t possible to partially redeem a gift voucher unless the order total is less than the gift voucher balance.

9. Can I split an order between a gift voucher and a credit card?

Yes. If the order total exceeds the value remaining on the gift voucher, you can pay the balance using standard payment methods.