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Thao Pham | Don't Tell Charles

Thao is a self-taught cake designer with a background in Landscape Architecture. Growing up with a musician (father) and a dress-maker (mother) meant that music, art and creativity were always a part of every day life. This innate ability to harmoniously compose colours, materials and styles coupled with an extreme eye for details are her most powerful tools. 

Renown for her super sharp edges and cutting-edge cake designs, Thao runs regular cake decorating workshops here in our Melbourne studio as well as interstate and overseas.

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Clifford Luu | Cakes by Cliff | Guest Instructor

A self-taught baker and cake decorator, Cliff works full time in the office and spends his nights and weekends designing eye-catching, spectacular and creative cakes. While it may not sound like your typical baking background, Clifford's creative talents, degree in Architecture and construction experience undoubtedly come through in his incredible cakes.  

Cliff regularly travels to Asia including cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta etc to teach his renown structural cake designs. 

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Raymond Tan | RYMONDTN | Guest Instructor

“Two years ago I went to uni to finish a masters degree in accounting, and I just hated it. I was so determined to finish it, but I needed a creative outlet, so I started baking for friends.”

Since then the cakes, created in the tiny kitchen of this self-taught baker's CBD apartment, have gathered thousands of followers and are often decorated with his signature cake pops, which take on whimsical themes from Pokemon to summer watermelons.

When he's not in Melbourne creating the cutest cakes, Raymond is often spotted all over Asia conducting sold-out workshops.